There’s an old saying, "don’t sell the sausage, sell the sizzle."

We help companies create exceptional food and curated experiences, from concept to reality. For some, it’s about delighting their customers and sharing the joy of their brand. For others, it’s about inspiring their teams and injecting their culture with passion and belonging. We know what it takes to create the perfect experience. It starts with understanding your customers and their desires, moves to innovative strategy and smart implementation, and is completed with the right balance of big picture vision and clever details.

A product is one thing, but it’s all the other things surrounding that product that really build up to an experience. It’s the aroma from the cooking, the fresh bread the sausage goes in, the drink that accompanies it, the environment that surrounds you and even the song you hear when you take that first bite.

Well we’re in the sizzle business. That’s because we believe that customer experience is as important as the products we buy. For many of us, the experience is the product.

"Customer needs are changing continually and the flexibility to be able to adapt quickly is key, which is why I started Blink.”


Blink was founded by Simon Carey who has a rich history in curated experiences, business development and operational management. Understanding customers and their needs is Simon’s forte. He knows the customer must lie at the core of any business and services must be built around their needs. Our experience is vast and we operate across a broad range of industries and segments including workplace, stadiums, airline lounges, universities and hospitals.


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